🔮Runes reading

You have the opportunity to try this Viking oracle of runes. It is an oracle equal to or more predictive than tarot, only its origin dates back to Viking culture a few centuries B.C. Each rune has a carved symbol that will leave you surprised.

This Beginning of month brings a lot of news to your life . With the New Moon that has entered many possibilities open up for you, you have been given a lot of willpower, not waste it without performing your personal goals or purposes.

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This rune oracle consists of 21 runes, each carved with a symbol representing a letter in Norse-Viking culture. You will receive an honest and accurate Prediction below. Now choose your runes:

These stones were used throughout history by various cultures. The Celts also realized their incredible great power to predict the future and created their variant. They were very popular with powerful people to predict their future and perpetuate their power.

Nordic Runes reading

Total concentration is recommended when you read your prediction. It is a very powerful oracle and it requires the more concentration the better result you will have. We are so close to the new year,, you need to check your predictive oracles more often.

Runes are ideal to be able to guide you to leave bad habits and start good, or to start projects. You’ll get valuable tips for your life. If you want to use more mystical and revealing oracles, check out all the ones we have for free on this website.