🍀Oracle of Runes

This month, will be good to rethink many aspects of life to think about our purposes. That’s why a rune reading will do you good to make important decisions.

Soon there will be a new moon and that means that it will be an auspicious time to start new challenges and solve problems, since the moon will give us enormous energy for anything you propose, it is up to you not to stall in life.

🍀Choose the category of what you want to know and ask what you want to the runes





Use Viking runes to give you a prediction of the future and a very large motivation, visualizing these carved stones have a very big impact on our minds to attract the positive. Then choose your runes.

The remaining half of month is full of intense surprises and some problems, so you can use a throw from this powerful oracle. If you liked your inquiry we appreciate sharing the post thank you.

The Celtic people and the Nordic Vikings used the stones carved for centuries as an esoteric oracle to see the future, were so effective that they spread all over the world and continue to be used to this day.

When making your appointment it is advisable to relax and think of something positive, there must be a connection between your mind and the oracle, so that the oracle can help you more and make a more accurate and profound prediction.