😮Past lives reading

This day we bring you the tarot of Past Lives so you can know your past and understand why you have your personality, which will have been based on some past life depending on the path you chose.

This oracle of past lives will be a tool to be able to travel to moments of your past; or spiritual life that you lived centuries ago, but that you do not keep memories in your memory because over the years it is lost from life to life.

Thanks to this Tarot, those who manage to see their past can now have a clearer view of them, understand why they have their behavior. Know what happened centuries ago. Now choose your card and receive your past lives reading:

This oracle should not only be seen out of curiosity, but because the consultant wants to know with all his heart who he was in the past and how to solve his current problems, finding the meaning of his past life.

The main reason for this card reading is to get information about facts that occurred to you in past lives that may now be related to your current life. Because on many occasions those problems originated in your past lives and not the current one.

The goal, then, is for you to heal your spirit and close those conflicts with your current “Me” to get on with your life without stalling or having blockages. To contrast the reading with other tarot or horoscope predictions check out all the ones we have on this website.

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