Past lives tarot

The past lives tarot are what have led us to be who we are, but the path is not important. We must understand what we are going to find out, and what is the message of this tarot card reading, we are the sum of all the things that happen to us.

The Tarot of past lives is a tool to be able to visit moments of our spiritual life centuries ago, which we do not have in our memory.

Thanks to the past lives tarot, those who come to their past will be able to have a clearer view of what happened at those moments; of which they have little record or they have not.

Past lives tarot

However, this Tarot of past lives should not be accessed only by curiosity, but because it should be consulted if there is any issue about spiritual questions; or trying to find the meaning of our lives.

The purpose of the past lives tarot; is to put light on events that occurred in previous existences and it may have an impact on your life because you have doubts. On some occasions, the causes of the problems have apparently has no reason to be in the present, so we can look for it someplace else.

The ultimate goal of this tarot card reading is the spiritual healing, because it provides you the wings to advance in your life. This is the purpose of the tarot circulation of past lives.

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