Prayer for archangel michael

Dear Archangel Michael,

I call upon your strength and your protection. I ask for your divine intervention as I navigate the challenges of this world. Please shield me from negativity, and fill my heart with courage and conviction.

You are the embodiment of truth, and I pray that you guide me towards this virtue. Help me to see through deception and illusion, and to stand firm in my convictions. May I be rooted in honesty and integrity in all that I do.

As the great warrior of light, I beseech you to arm me with your spiritual weaponry. May your shield of faith and sword of truth assist me in my battles, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Let me not falter, but instead, rise above adversities with resilience and grace.

You are known for your unwavering courage, and I humbly request that you instill in me the same. May I face my fears with bravery, and may I persevere through all trials and tribulations. With you as my guide, may I march forward on the path of righteousness.

Archangel Michael, your name means “He Who Is Like God”. I pray for your assistance in embodying this divine likeness. Help me to live with compassion, understanding, and love towards all beings. I seek to reflect the divine light within me, in all my thoughts, words, and actions.

In your infinite wisdom and power, I trust. I surrender my worries to you, knowing that you will carry them. Guide me towards peace and prosperity, and may your protective energy always surround me.


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