Your Fortune tarot for this year is full of Surprises Right today there is a triple conjunction between Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter, and that implies a lot of news to your life. It is not a normal conjunction, it is also an astronomical event that radiates magnetism to increase your Luck magnetism, which implies a good time to return to goals and projects.

🌱Recommendations: When entering the start of important astrological dates like this one, it is important to be concentrated in silence, without distractions around and to focus on your reading to the fullest without negative thoughts in your head.

🪐With this magnetism of Saturn, if you want something with great desire you can attract it to you, remember that having positive thoughts is recommended in this TAROT reading. Although the result will not always be what you expect, at least give it a try.

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Instructions: Being about toyou should pay FULL attention to your interpretation, just think about positive things in your mind and empty it from negative things. Strongly desire what you want to achieve in your life and which ones to undo.

Find out if this daily TAROT has bad or good news now, these are difficult and uncertain times and we need honest predictions for the next few months to anticipate potential problems.

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Remember that this month is  a period conducive to facing challenges. If you want to know more predictions for you visit all our oracles and tarots of all kinds of cultures to reach deeper predictions.

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