👼Receive your ANGEL READING

These last days of October, The Angeles from heaven is trying to reach you. They usually communicate by sending you numbers that you will see repeatedly but you are not aware that are signs of them. It is important that you decipher what they mean because There will very soon NEWS for you.

Sending you numbers is the most common way to communicate with people they have, but they also have others like creating sounds like bells, smelling some nice fragrance when there’s no one around, etc

The numbers they communicate with the most are usually 999, 534, 1, 8, 34 and 23. If you’ve seen those numbers several times recently, they may have contacted you. So here we’ll tell you what those numbers mean to you. Choose the one you like the most:

They communicate with us in many ways, for example when viewing a number. If you see a number repeatedly in many places but you can’t know the meaning; Here we tell you the numbers that angels use most to communicate with you.

To contrast the angelic meaning of those numbers we bring you a tarot reading to further increase your prediction on topics such as health, money, work, family or friendships.

Remember that angels can’t communicate with you directly because they live in a world because there are different vibratory frequencies, they can only communicate by angelic signals like the ones we told you. They want what’s best for you.

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