👉Receive your DAILY CARD

Today you’re going to get your tarot day card. That card is a quick consultation to get help or guidance to face the day, knowing in advance what might happen to you in the short term, or how to achieve your goals for today or tomorrow.

This MONTH we go through difficult times but the stars announce pauses. The tarot card of your choice will create a connection between you and the stars to learn about your day today and tomorrow when you choose it.

Then choose your card, let yourself be carried away by the intuition but think carefully which card to take, since the better you think about it the more connection there will be and the better result you will get. Now choose your card

To facilitate the spin it is advisable to ask you simple questions, for complex questions it is better to use other tarots that we have other more complex and complete ones that will come in good if your intention is a deep reading of cards.

For greater connection it is advisable to be in relaxation, with your feet flat on the ground and without noise or discomfort around. Without chatting with someone to be able to be, think carefully about what to choose and guide you through your intuition.

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