🔮December Ritual to get abundance this 2021

If you do this ritual this December 2020 when we are about to enter a new year, you will greatly increase your productivity, as the entrance to a new year opens a door to attract the good and ward off the bad. If you didn’t, you’d miss the opportunity and not attract luck the way you want.

To do this ritual, it must be a priority that you have your house very clean and have recently cleaned. You also fix the mess if there is, let it be all in place. In this way, we will be able to open doors for attraction of money, love, abundance and health.

To increases the effect of the attraction, do this on the daytime. Your clothes should be cleaned and your home has a fragrance of cleanness and nature. You have to be in a positive and good mood, since this attracts the good.

Items and ingredients you’ll need for your Ritual for 2021

  • 3 candles to be white.
  • A paper and a pencil or pen.
  • If you wish, although it is not necessary at all, wear white.
  • Write on the blank paper what your ideal year 2021 would be like and the type of prosperity you want for your life. Do not describe great luxuries of the rich, something tangible, also think about your loved ones how you want them to do well.
  • Create a triangle with the unlit candles, put the paper in the middle.

Now light the candles and watch. For a minute, focus with all your strength on thinking about everything you would like, on everything you have written on your page, and on loving your loved ones sharing the happiness of the abundance that it will bring you. When you’re done, take the paper and a lighter, and burn it where there is no problem. When it is consumed, take the ashes, go to a high place, place them in the palm of your hand and strong soup so that they fly. If you liked this ritual, we appreciate sharing.

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