Which button would you choose? Spiritual tarot guide

1- RED: This seer button says that you are the type of person that you open to the others with much facility and you deliver all your positivity. You consider that it is better to risk instead of waiting or hiding from people. You never count your weaknesses or insecurities to anyone. You always try to solve your problems for yourself without asking for help, and do not hesitate to reproach someone when you consider it unfair.


You always try to get along well with everyone, you want to give the best image of you. You do not usually show your emotions to others and try to avoid the discussions, except for some extreme. You do not like to have conflicts with the others, and in case of having it, you try to put solution.


You are a hardworker and dedicated person, and you always think about the good for others. This brings you many positive things, like being loved by everyone; but also negative things, like spending more time to others than for you. However you enjoy being that way, and the people will return your favors.


This seer button says that you are a very intelligent and meditative person. You take a lot of time deciding to make your choices, but when you do, you always seem to guess right. Your weak point is insecurity, but your strong point is intelligence and meditation. People come to you for advice.

You are a meticulous person who does not like to tell your intimacies to almost anyone. This creates an aura that makes you interesting to others. You are a constant box of surprises, a creative and confident person who only opens up to the people you really love. People once you take off the veil of mystery, they appreciate you very much.


The seer button tell you to try to do good with others wherever you go. You do not bear injustice, even events that are foreign to you can be sensitized as if it were something of your own. You are fragile in the sense of being too emotional, but it is the emotions that make you an authentic and very loved person. You hate evil and arguments, you move away from toxic people, and that makes you choose well your friends.

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