👉Spanish Tarot prediction

The Spanish tarot has 48 cards, which are minor arcana that predict deeper aspects of your life than the average major arcana. It is commented that In the past the Spanish kings used this tarot to receive predictions.

These cards have very colorful and original illustrations, in fact they are known worldwide for that. Many people preferred this type of tarot because they thought it was more predictive even than Marseille or the Egyptian.

The Spanish tarot may be more predictive than other more famous tarots

Then choose your cards and receive the result of the card you chose with their names:

If you enjoy the reading or was accurated, we really appreciate to spread the magic with your loved ones so they can get this spanish cards and receive predictions

The cards in the Spanish deck serve as a way to reveal the future, since they are very specific cards for specific aspects of our life. Each arcane has a different meaning. Our tarot reader will attribute a different meaning if he sees it as necessary according to the circumstances.

Although the cards had been created in Spain for centuries, however this Spanish deck tarot has its origin in the 18th century. When Heraclie fournier illustrated the design of these cards with the help of another Spanish illustrator, Augusto Ríos. Then, spanish fortune tellers started to use these cards because of their extreme accuration.

The deck consists of four types

The golds, the maces, cups and swords. Each type is composed of 12 numbers and in its last two numbers of each type, the horse and the king appear. In this reading of Spanish cards you will see:

The Spanish card of Cups use to analyze the couple, lovers or friendship relationships in general. If you want to know more about your partner for free or to know if someone loves you, visit the Spanish card reading.

The swords are about to our physical state, health and well-being. It usually announces negative aspects sometimes, although it is not always necessary to interpret it this way. The mace indicates and analyze aspects at work or personal life, in any project you have; whether it’s a vacation, something you want to achieve.

spanish tarot cards meanings

The Golds have to do with the economic aspect and your belongings as a meanings. Economic prosperity or austerity; investment or expense. Maces and cups are often considered positive, while swords and golds are negative. Although in each reading there are both good cards and bad cards.

The golds and the cups usually represent people with light skin and light brown or blond hair, and the swords and the bases to rather brunette people with hair and skin.

This tool is very powerful, use this reading of Spanish deck cards at your own risk. If you want to learn more, check out this complete Spanish deck course.

This hispanic tarot will be about:

  • Money
  • Job
  • Love
  • Health
  • Family

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