Choose your spirit animal TAROT card

Spirit animal 1

It has a vision 10 times more powerful than ours, and is a highly intelligent and intuitive animal, therefore, by choosing this tarot card it tells you that you have to rely on your perception in the following decisions that arise.

This animal that flies feeling the freedom and the universe, tells you that you are going to get rid of something that you did not like about your life, and your quality of life will improve. On the other hand announces an achievement that few people in your environment have achieved, you will get admiration from your acquaintances. Being the eagle a being that reaches places where few could.

Beware of talking too much, because you are sharp-edged like this totemic spiritual animal and you can hurt with your words …. To know more, consult our tarots

Spirit animal card 2

This being has an incredible adaptation to the changes. Your animal totem announces that if a change or problem arises in your life, you would adapt immediately to it and, in case of being something negative, you would even make that change that will bring you something positive in the long run.

This animal is able to adapt perfectly in both water and land, it will be a good idea to propose yourself other challenges, leave the comfort zone and do everything you had wanted for a while but never dared. The result will be in most cases very positive.

The life of the frog goes through different transformations. In each one it becomes stronger and able to solve problems. If you have chosen this tarot card, these qualities will be greatly strengthened in you. If you want to know more, consult our clairvoyant

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Spirit animal 3

He is one of the most majestic, esoteric and mystical beings. You will acquire your guidance when you feel disoriented, whatever doubts you may have in your life. Its meaning says that it has a great strength, your weaknesses will disappear and you will begin to take a step forward, not to be quiet, and to be respected in case you have someone around you toxic.

You will gather the courage and its survival instinct to take out that courage that you have inside to face difficult situations. You will be more respected than ever and you will feel a leader. You may have the opportunity to lead a group or organize something important. If you want to know about what is your spirit animal or your future consult our oracles in this web

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