😮Tarot card reading for October

Here is Your tarot card reading for October . Below you could choose your cards but let me say that today is full moon day. A moon with which passions will intensify in all the zodiac signs; some for good, some not so much.

There are so many interesting news for your life. Many opportunities that open and others that close, so here we offer you a free tarot reading so you can predict what will happen to you with a lot of honesty and success.

Today we will use a deck of FRENCH TAROT, the so-called Marseille, arguably the most famous deck in the world, which was used by kings around the world to glimpse their future and perpetuate their power thanks to their predictions. Then choose YOUR 3 CARDS

Today we want to invite you to another completely free psychic reading, to contrast the before, of our fantastic love tarot to delve into that aspect of your life:

Tarot card love

Instructions: Being full moon day you have to be serious maximum, think about the positive energy with which the moon will radiate you and wish with all your strength a good outcome for all your purposes and solve problems, although not always your circulation will be positive.

This month’s 31st is Witch’s Day and will be a month conducive to women’s luck. So it’s an ideal month to resume goals or purposes, helping you by the guidance that our tarot cards will give you without a doubt.

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