Choose two tarot cards and get the reveal

Card 1: This pursuit can be done through study and meditation. The meaning encourages moderation and caution: it is a card of knowledge. There will be an issue that you should to rethink.

This Major Arcane symbolizes change, transformation, radical and rapid cleansing. Keep in mind that the changes we mentioned are generally positive. So, there will be a good change in your life very soon.

Card 3

It means the balance and justice. This major arcana is power at the service of gods and men, and between the Tarot cards is associated with the concepts of harmony, judgment and balance. There will be a situation in your life where you will get what you really worth it. Where the good defeat the evil.

Card 4
It represents physical beauty, attractiveness and power. It is intuition, that person who is guided by his heart. Represents that you will be loved by your family and friends. Good luck in love and new friendships. Better social life, celebrations, weddings, births…

Card 5

It is a very positive Tarot card, because it brings a new vitality. This card meaning, therefore, has beneficial aspects, since the omens are positive. Everything will be in well the following days.

Card 6
One of the most positive tarot cards, because it brings new expectations. In addition, it also indicates airs of renewal, independence and hope. This tarot card has beneficial aspects, there will be something bad in your life that will finish very soon

Card 7
It symbolizes a new vision of life, a new philosophy in which truth prevails, whether positive or negative. This letter involves constructive criticism. You will obtain the reward of your hardwork.

Card 8
Is a Tarot card that refers to passivity and patience, or rather, to the convenience of having patience in certain situations. If you are prudent and patient, you can get almost everything you want. There will be some changes. At first you may know this changes are worse, but as the time goes by, you will realize that the changes are very positive in your life.
We hope the reveal of those tarot cards

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