🍁Your Tarot reading today

CARD 1: The tarot five cards tell you that when your thoughts are not respected, you must reafirm it around the people, even if that means creating a tense situation. This card tell us that you are advised to step into your decisions because you are right.

You should take the initiative, this is not time to hesitate. Don´t let others decide for you, because they can be wrong, and it can affect you.

Card 2

This card tell us that you might feel in your life that there is an issue conflict that stops you from making a hard decision, you should to find ways to think it, and not engage in discussions because only you have the answer.

Don´t take the decision if you are not sure yet, ask to the people around you, there are good people who wants to help you, just ask for help if you need, you will find it.

Card 3

You are dissapointed because you have worked hard in many aspects of your life to achieve goals. Sometimes feel weak for this, you think you won´t get the reward for your efforts, but you are wrong.

The card tell us about to receive it. This will be reflected in your economy or work.

Card 4

The tarot five cards say that you will overcome a problem that few people can overcome. Many people will advise you to backtrack but you will succeed.

After this problem, you will learn a good lesson of life that will bring you lot of knowledge to overcome everything. You won´t be short of knowledge. You will adapt quickly and improve your quality of life slightly.

Card 5

The tarot card tell us that there will be a choice between two positive aspects within few weeks. Don´t worry It will be good news, something material for you.

However, u can only stay with one. It is possible to doubt between 2 possibilities, anyway the option you choose you will feel satisfied.

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