⭐Tarot for 20 to 25 October

From today October 20th to the weekend, Today you will find jupiter Alienated with venus and Mars, this for many signs will mean that some problem arises that could break your stability, be attentive to any disturbance. Some secrets will be revealed for scorpio…

The week will be marked for most horoscopes by the new moon set in Libra of many events that our tarot will reveal for you later in more detail.

Now is the perfect time to receive a reading of cards, as it is a very important week full of news for you both good or bad and the tarot will make you a prediction of everything that will come. Now choose your cards:

If you liked your prediction we appreciate sharing the oracle so that it reaches your loved ones and they can receive accurate and honest predictions, thank you.

It is advisable to be in relaxation and without distractions, with a positive mindset and without thinking about problems when receiving your card reading. Let the energy flow, don’t want unrealistic things either, just absence of negativity in you.

The illustrations of this tarot are the mythical Chinese Feng shui, whose name is received from its creator. Although this deck of cards is not as millennial as others, since it was created it has been one of the most used in the world due to its effectiveness.

Don’t forget to check out this crucial month for your life with so many changes, difficult times and so on, our other special oracles based on many cultures of the world.

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