🔥Buddhist tarot

Our Buddhist tarot for this month will be useful to receive predictions of your inminent future. Analyze your possible future with this reading, find the right path to make decisions. If you want to know what life holds you in love, if there will be succees, about health, this is your oracle.

To use it you have to ask yourself a question in your mind, and then choose your 2 cards:

  • The first will be an analysis of your past.
    The second one, a current analysis, may be related to the past.
    Also, the second one is a prediction of the future with their possible solutions.

The Buddhist tarot for this month will analyze your life in 3 times

It is important before choosing cards, this oracle is very spiritual according to this culture, and it is advisable to perform a Buddhist prayer before.

“Guardian Buddha and guidance counselor, I ask you for help in this vigil. Give me a hand in this life, for your values are peace and love to avoid my flight.”

Now below get your reading that we propose for you. Get Buddhist wisdom and choose 2 cards under your responsibility:

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This tarot uses 22 cards of older arcane from Buddhist culture, they represent part of their millennial culture and possess a broad meaning and mysticism for your life for the main topics for you, such as Money, Health or Work. To deepen these aspects we still have tarots specialized in each aspect below.

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