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This tarot guide will help you make the right decisions in those moments of your life that you have doubts. Choose a card and read the revelation here:

Card 1

This tarot card tell you abundance and bounty. You will reach the rewards of the projects you’ve been working long time ago, you will get the “goods” from your projects, and get the fruits of your efforts.

You will see how your problems dissapear and how your abundance flow to you now. Open your arms to receive it.


The result of a situation is in your hands. You can change the outcome if you take an approach to solve any challenges. You have the power and confidence enough to surpass any problem.
There isn´t need to wait for someone else. The situation only need your unique perspective and experience.

Card 3

Your tarot guide tell us about good abundance. For finance, everything will better. I see a situation of success and personal fulfillment. If you are working, you may receive a salary increase or upgrade. If you are unemployed you will be able to get a job easily.

Card 4

You should know the Universe is supporting you, it is helping you to get a divine ability to manifest what you deserve. There will be new circumstances or events that will make your family or social relationships happy and stable, whether you are reunited with an old friendship, a journey or starting a new project.

Approve it positively with open arms, and adapt to the new circumstances, because those circumstances will renew your life, improving your economy and your love life in general.

Card 5

The card talks about your graceful beauty. This is a message about increasing your self-confidence.

As you feel better about yourself, your will reach more goals, which will create a better climate to surpass any problem, there will be a slightly increase of quality of life and happiness.

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