The emotion that you choose will has something to tell…

Love image

Your true nature is love and happiness. And although there are sometimes situations that get out of control and test your faith, your optimism and your desire to go ahead, it is important that you remember your essence of light, that magical place within you, where everything you want to be and do is possible.

Life has hundreds of situations that come and go every day, the important thing is that what you learn will be with you for always.

You have the power to make every day the best day of your life, that’s why today you look up to the sky and sign with love that you enjoy the present, as you project yourself with love to all that is yet to come.


Your true nature is the strenght, which is the greatest emotion in the universe. Sometimes the road ahead seems long and it is likely that sometimes questions why, Even though you have walked for a long time, you still do not reach your desired destination.

It is important to remember that your willpower is enormous, that you work with love for the
people, you love and that everyone who sows will soon harvest. Today this card comes into your life to invite you to trust. Go ahead.


Your true nature is kindness and generosity. You have given much and you have done much for others, because your heart always makes a sincere call to help.

You know that an act of kindness can illuminate a person’s life and today this card reaches
to your life to tell you that it is time to enlighten your own life.

The universe is governed by  laws of balance, you have given much and it is time to allow yourself to receive the heavenly reward that is reserved for you. Everything good has to come into your life, only if you allow it.

That is why today you open your arms wide, thank you for all that I have received and
For all the blessings that are to come. Tarot images

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