Tarot of Angels

The angels and archangels tarot is a variant of the traditional tarot that focuses on connecting with angelic beings and receiving their wisdom and love. In this type of tarot, each card is represented by an angel or an archangel, and its symbolism and meaning are based on the qualities and powers of each angelic being.

Receive the messages that the Angels are sending you through our tarot

Angels are heavenly beings who act as messengers from God and are in charge of helping and guiding human beings on their path to spiritual enlightenment. Each angel has a specific role and energy, and a specific angel can be called upon for help and guidance in a particular area of life.

Archangels, on the other hand, are high-ranking angels who have special powers and qualities. They are considered to be the leaders and guides of the angels and are responsible for carrying out important missions on Earth. Archangels can be invoked for help and protection in difficult situations and to connect with wisdom and divine love.

In the angels and archangels tarot, each card represents a particular angel or archangel and can be used to receive his energy and guidance from him in a tarot reading. For example, if the Archangel Michael card is drawn, it may symbolize protection and warfare against negative energies, and may be a sign that your help and guidance is needed in a difficult situation.

In general, the angels and archangels tarot is a way to connect with angelic beings and receive their help and guidance in life. Through reading his letters, present and future situations can be better understood and better decisions can be made on the path to happiness and personal fulfillment.

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