Tarot of the runes, one of the best ways of divination

The Tarot of the runes was used long time ago as a way of divination, or a way to do spells; Or a way to bring luck, etc. in the ancient Nordic nomadic civilizations a few millennium ago.

If you are going to use the Tarot of runes is recommended to be in harmony, relaxed, without intrusive noises or uncomfortable distractions. Make sure nobody disturbs you, and check out these mystical cards.

Due to its accuracy in predicting and bewitching, the tarot of runes has been used throughout history. From military to Kings have used this medium because it is very powerful.

The Tarot of the runes

Its alphabet consisted of 25 runes and were carved in stone or wood. The language used in these runes was Germanic.

This way of divination combines the accuracy of tarot cards with the millenary mysticism of runes to complement each other and give rise to a powerful medium. Not only did it get spells, visions of the future, but he also established a way for people to be able to guide themselves properly in their lives.

The tarot of the runes can be consulted to try to find the answer to any specific questions you may have right now. According to the ancient Nordic tradition, objects of everyday use in that cultures, like weapons, etc. become more effective if some signs runic on the surface are engraved. Issues you may have about your daily life, issues related to love or happiness in different areas of your life. About money, health, finances, family, friends, etc… whatever you want to know.

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