🌙Use the TAROT of the Witches

This tarot of the witches has a charm and magnetism that others do not have. The esoteric power of witches is known and these cards will convey to you all their power to predict your future with great success and sincerity.

The witch has always had the image of being evil but rather the opposite, they helped humble people, foreseshadowed their future, and protected the humble from the powerful. Its origin dates back to the 13th century and its mysticism and legend still continue in our culture.

The tarot of the witches will haunt you with its charm

This tarot game uses 21 older arcans in the form of different witches with a special charm that will enchant you as soon as you see them. Just choose 3 cards and you’ll receive a free reading for health, love, work or money.

If you enjoyed your reading we appreciate spreading the magic to your loved ones.

Because they helped the humble and were seers, there was a persecution against witches unjustly, kings and powerful people did not like that they could make predictions or vision and see the future. Hence Salem’s famous judgments or the burning of witches.

On the other hand, in all cultures they have had their particular version of witches, such as chamanist women in the Amazon, or yama-uba in Asia. Throughout history women have possessed the power of seer and magic, now hidden in them or asleep.

In addition to tarot, they also used other utensils to perform their spells and magic such as crystal balls, amulets, pendants, and powerful magic candles. Although witchcraft was abolished in 1736, witches converted to psychic readers or converted to other non-forbidden beliefs. It is currently associated with the Wicca pagan tradition created in England.

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