Tarot reading for Today

Tarot reading for Today 27 and 28, at the end of September, the celtic tarot and the fairies come to you at this time of year at the beginning of a new season come to help us and give us valuable advice for our lives to better face these times that for many are not good.

Thanks to the cards they will create a connection with the fairies to receive their advices so that you can channel your life. The illustrations you will see are full of beautiful images that will leave you stunned and brighten the day of the positivity of these beings.

All you have to do is relax, let your intuition decide for you and choose your cards, focus on the interpretation you will receive and assimilate it whether it is positive or negative. Then choose your cards

The origin of tarot dates back to immemorable times and was used by many cultures, in this case its origin is Celtic mythology, but it is also used in ancient Egypt, or the gypsies with the mighty gypsy tarot, the Vikings and many more.

Throughout the times it was forbidden for its powerful predictions as the powerful kings were afraid about the people predicting the future. The origin of the celtic tarot started in the Middle Ages somewhere in the British Isles and spread throughout the world.

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