😺Totem animal tarot

With this tarot you can see what is your perfect animal Totem, the one that describes you spiritually and what kind of inner strength you have. Animals will tell you what instincts are inside you and give you the keys to improving your life with predictions.

If you are have a pet this tarot is great for you because it has some illustrations on its charts of fantastic animals that will transmit purity and life to you. It will also connect with your nature.

This tarot deck consists of 22 cards represented by mystical animals, which play the major arcane, and you’ll receive a General Reading for important aspects of your life. In addition to a Prediction of the Future is a connection with nature:

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The link between animals and people makes it create a very large spiritual connection. Since they in this life are like angels sent to help you and be loved, and this interpretation of tarot will translate that connection for you.

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