✅Viking runes

We are going to start an important month, you’ll have the opportunity to receive a Viking runes reading for this month. It is a very powerful oracle like cards, only it uses stones carved with a letter; and its origin dates back several centuries B.C. It’s very predictive.

Many news awaits  for you this month and these runes will predict some of them.  That’s why this event will give you enormous energy to exceed your goals. Use this oracle of runes now to predict your future.

🍀Choose the category of what you want to know and ask what you want to the runes





You only have to choose 3 using your intuition and you will receive a magnificent Viking prediction for your life.

In Viking culture they used this esoteric means to predict the future. Throughout Europe they were also used due to their enormous power, but using other languages or other drawings. Among the powerful people they were highly coveted because they wanted to see their future.

Concentration and avoid negative thoughts are recommended when performing this stone oracle. Just think about what you want to achieve these days of the month strongly to make them come true.

Viking stones are perfect for receiving advice and willpower to leave bad habits or influences behind and improve your life, start projects and whatever you set your mind to. To receive more oracles or tarot runs please refer to this websit