🍀 YES or NO Tarot

This Yes or no tarot is one of the most complete you will find in the network. It will answer you beyond YES or NO to your questions. It will offer you an extended answer so you know if there could be some kind of possibility.

How do you do a yes or no tarot card?

You won´t have always a result that you wish in your favor, because sometimes the answer will be negative. We are known for being sincere and in this oracle is the most important for you.

You just have to think for yourself a question and choose a card. The oracle will answer with YES or NO, and if there is any possibility of varying the result. This tarot will answer you wisely so you can take an appropriate path and solve your problems

This oracle is very powerful, it is recommended not to use it for very sensitive questions, because it could create a bad mood if the answer is not favorable. This yes or no tarot will be very useful when you have to make difficult decisions, when your doubts accumulate and you do not know which way to go. It will be like a guide to face problems.

You will have to think of a question whose answer is YES or NO like if it was the Pendulum reading. If you want to get more predictions on topics such as love, work, money or health here you can use other tarots for free that you will find here below to get Full answers

If you want to deepen what you ask the oracle yes or no, we will offer you a free tarot reading for general topics, so you know your future in detail. Then choose a card and you will have your reading.

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Is Yes and No oracle accurate?

We do not recommend its use either for divinatory purposes with the games of chance, since the cartomancy must have noble aims like to look for answers for your life, not to profit by predict the future. Cards with positive meaning: The wheel or Ace of swords, while the moon and lot more negative.

How the Tarot works Yes or No

    1. If you receive two times YES, the answer is definitely affirmative.
    2. If you receive two times NO, the answer will be absolutely negative.
    3. If you receive NEVER, it is an perfect NO.
    4. If you receive MAYBE we recommend another readimg yes or no
    5. If the psychic reading answers three times more YES, the reading will be a YES completely, and if it says “NO” three times, the answer will be very absolutely negative.

The reliable results of these predictions are ideal when you have doubts about:

  • I have to make a decision about whether to continue with this marriage or not.
  • I must decide if I want to continue with my job or quit
  • Am I Pregnant Tarot Spread: Yes or No?
  • Should I keep going with these toxic friends or couple?
  • What do he/she feels about me?
  • How to pull the cards in this game to be more reliable? – Be in a quiet, relaxed place, ideally alone and thinking about the question you are going to ask the oracle.

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