Your daily TAROT

In these difficult times The Tarot comes in handy to receive honest predictions and be able to make appropriate decisions. and others. You can also make questions for family members or others.

The interpretation you receive will be about aspects like health for yourself or your loved ones, money, economics, work, love

You will have to be relaxed and concentrated when choosing the cards, since thus the affinity will be greater and therefore greater chance of success. If not, the tarot will know that you use it more as a game than as a serious divinatory medium and the result will not be so honest.

This ending of march and April you’ll get a card reading to find out which way your luck is going and have a spiritual guide to making important decisions. Avoid distractions, stick flat feet to the ground so there are no distracting vibrations, prevent annoying sounds in the environment.

Think always about the positives, the result may be negative, but thanks to the visualization you can attract luck a little and move the negative energies away. Let luck flow towards you, all followed choose 3 cards and you will receive an incredible result


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