Your personalized reading for the next month

Here is your personalized tarot reading to know everything about the next month

CARD 1 : Maiden of shields

You are waiting for answers to certain questions of your life, those answers will delay, but finally it will arrive this November. That period you should reflect and be patient. Thinking about your life and taking on new responsibilities to choose the right path. In health, recovery of certain discomforts is expected.

This tarot card warns you that you will recover from all your setbacks, that it will be a losing streak that will make you stronger and will help you in the future to solve problems and adversities.

CARD 2 Maiden of blades

You must focus and dominate your emotions that could make you take a bad decision. If you are able to dominate your emotions, all your objectives will be fulfilled. But it will be good to receive some advice from someone in your environment, he/she may knows more than you about a certain topic. In economy, it augurs good time for investments, without losing the head.

It is time to eliminate some heavy burdens in your life that you wanted long ago and concentrate your time and resources on what you need. In love acts more with the heart than with the head, a bad decision could generate problems. In economics it is expected that you receive a pending payment for something you do not even remember

CARD 3 Chief of Vessels

The card “Chief of vessels” warns us that therewill be some kind of legal procedure, but do not be scared because it will be solved in a fair way that favors you. This is because you are going to collect the fruits that you sow and deserve. Even if some negative aspect appears in your life, in the medium term you will see how it benefits you.

Some aspects of your life require time to get it right. Currently you do not have patience and you tend to despair.


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