This easy-to-use, beginner-friendly tarot spread is designed for those looking to gain insights into their relationships, be they romantic or platonic. It consists of five cards and is more suited for providing an overall picture rather than addressing specific queries.

However, it’s adaptable for questions like “How is my relationship doing?” or “What improvements are needed in my relationship?

This spread can be employed with both tarot and oracle cards. It’s crucial, however, to be sufficiently acquainted with your oracle deck to ensure the correct cards are used in the appropriate positions. Using an affirmation deck in certain positions might not yield a truthful response.

Below are suggestions on how to use this spread:

  1. Current State: Reflects the present situation in your relationship. If there are no hidden issues, this card will likely confirm your existing understanding. However, a surprising response indicates unknown aspects of your relationship that might need exploration.
  2. Challenges: Represents obstacles or frustrations. Major arcana cards suggest significant problems, minor arcana cards imply temporary issues, and court cards often point to external individuals affecting the relationship. Oracle cards are not recommended for this position.
  3. Strengths: Highlights the reasons for affection (or friendship if platonic). A seemingly negative card here might indicate past experiences that strengthened your bond. This position is suitable for an oracle card.
  4. Advice: Offers guidance to enhance your relationship. This can be beneficial even in healthy relationships, potentially bringing more happiness to both parties.
  5. Potential Future: Shows the likely trajectory of your relationship if no changes are made and the advice is not heeded. If the card’s message is undesirable, focus on the “Challenges” and “Advice” cards for solutions.
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