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Cabala tarot CARD 1

You are going to have a very creative time. People will see you very positive, friendly and witty. You will have wonderful ideas that will also make life happier to your friends and family. You will be more retailer than ever.

You will have to be strong with a decision you will make. Do not change that decision for any kind of interest or profit motive. In the long run and because of your pride, you have to be firm in that decision.

If you are single, there could be a good chance to meet someone who could end up being your partner. Especially in a meeting or celebration this meeting could take place.


You will have a great decision and courage in your work life. You can ask and get a promotion; or get a better job, or get the economy that you want because inside you, you will wake up a new consciousness where you will be brave and determined.

Do not let that decision be diluted by the influence of other people who will try to stop your decision and success. The cabala tarot tells us that people will feel envious and try to harm you in some way. On the other hand; you will have to be humble when you come to success. Remember also that you will enjoy this success more by sharing it with your loved ones than with yourself.

You have to be honest with your wishes, and give your partner confidence. In this way with a better understanding, the discussions will end.


Someone close to you or your environment prevents you from achieving something you want. It can be someone who does not allow you to use your money for your purposes; or prevent you from get some goals that you have. This card shows me that there can be a lot of progress in your economic or loving life, but I see a stagnation that does not allow you to reach that goal. Guess what stagnates you

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