Celtic tarot

The Celtic Tarot was created centuries ago, by the population of the central part of Europe over the year 1200 BC more or less. They were esoteric societies, where they were creating and perfecting oracles and different kinds of tarots through the time.

The Celts were able to see the future, the present and the past thanks to the incredible power of the cards. As over the years they were improving their skills and the accuracy with this kinds of oracles, they achieved incredible results. Results that today de modern civilization has lost

They also used carved stones called runes. Its origin was Nordic, from the vikings, but the Celts also used them by changing their symbology. If you want to use our tarot of the runes

How to use the Celtic tarot

To use the Celtic Tarot choose 3 cards of the 25 avaible. You will have to choose between 25 tarot cards from a celtic tarot.

Use the Celtic Tarot in a relaxed environment

At the time of the reading you will have to be relaxed. Concentrating to interpret the results of the celtic cards, in an environment preferably quiet and alone. You should avoid distractions as they could be chatting with someone, browsing your smartphone, keeping your mind on other issues.

These tarot readings are based on everyday and vital aspects of our lives: Your Health, fortune, love in your life, work, friendships, future and past, analysis of your present, etc. They will also make you aware of part of your future, or help you in making decisions when you need more help.

If you want to know  about the Celt civilization:

  • This civilization were extended by England, Wales, Scotland, France (Gauls), Germany, and part of europe. And with its expansion, the Celtic tarot also did it becoming famous.
    The Celts possessed their own alphabet.
    In their mythology there were elves and fairies, that so many stories and movies have starred.
    They lived in the Iron Age.

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