🎄Tarot for 2021, 6 zodiac signs will receive a surprise…

Card1: The major arcana tell us that this card is the personification of power and leadership. If you choose this, you are given permission to have dominion over all the current situation, and you are empowered to be in control all the time. You may need to protect your position using logic and rationality.

For some of you, it could be urging you to increase the stability in your home life with your family. You are being asked to set the standard of behaviour you wish to enforce now. Legal procedures and disciplinary actions is also seen with this card.

Card 2

It is a time to act now purposes, on your dreams and make your plans real. The major arcana say that you must be persistant, and take a realistic approach little by little to achieve tangible results.

You have the white light to go out and meet success, grow and expand your horizons; and you will draw to you what you need. You need to prove yourself dependable and honest. This may be a time of learning. Learning a new job, project or investment. You must be willing to work hard to gain new knowledges and skills; because you have everything in favor.

Card 3

This card talks about recognition, acclaim, receiving some prize, receiving a compliment or receiving thanks for a job well done. You will feel triumphant and proud, by achieving success that you expected. You can hold your head up high because of this, experience good self-esteem by feeling worthy.

You have earned applause in your surroundings by your dedication and hard work. You will have a high opinion of yourself during all this time, just be sure you’re not coming across as arrogant or condensing if you success. Enjoy having your day in the sun.


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