🧚Tarot of the FAIRIES

Your daily oracle cards for today is the Celtic tarot. Today we will use a Celtic card reading with a very special meaning for you. This deck is based on fairies, who come to represent wise counselors for our life in Celtic mythology

It is extremely important to concentrate when you choose  the cards

Since it depends on choosing two cards that give you a message that represents a really useful advice for your life. Therefore take a deep breath, visualize what you really want in life and choose the cards.

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Then we also offer you a free 3-card spread to get more predictions about the aspects of your life that you want to know; Whether about love, work, money, friendships, family.

Oracle cards reading

This oracle is very predictive and you will get a valuable advice. It is recommended to be comfortable, focused, without distractions around you and in a good mood.

These cards represent the Celtic fairy version of the classic Major Arcana of the tarot. The Celts used this ways of divination too, because they knew its divinatory and powerful properties. The fairy are beings of light which lead us by the right way; And the send us their greetings with these cards

You can also use many more oracles for specific topics; Like the universal or victorian celtic tarot and other divinatory ways than the card reading. Check our website to see more.

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