🌱The Oracle of the money plant will reveal something for you ..

PLANT 1  announces in your life that a new quiet period is coming.

Those responsibilities you didn’t like will disappear or there will be few others left, there will be fewer tasks that always didn´t like you. Therefore there will be more free time.


On the economic issue your life is going to stay the same, but you won’t have unforeseen expenses and so on. As a result of the savings, you will be able to improve your quality of life and enjoy more energy and better mood.

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PLANT 2 if you finish all your challenges and projects you will shine in your life

The plant announces that if you end up carrying out all the projects and challenges you set out for this year, you will thrive in life. You started the year thinking about doing some personal purposes you had, but you haven’t been doing it. So you feel bad for not doing your projects again.


On the other hand, it warns you that you should avoid the temptation to buy that whim that haunts your head. Since it would create more impulses to buy whims and end up spending a lot of money on several. The plant recommends savings and knowing where to spend money, if you do that, thanks to that you will see abundance in your life.

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PLANT 3 Making good decisions and then having equality will ensure success.

Money Plant 3 warns you that a person will appear trying to influence you in an economic decision you’re going to make. Don’t listen to that person and do what you had in thinking. This year will be a magnificent year in economics if you avoid waste or lend money to undesirable people.


If you make good decisions and feel that you thrive, the plant counsels humility. Don’t show off your standard of living to people who don’t get along with them to annoy them, lead. The love problems you may have now will be solved with the inlet of more money.

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