What colour is your spiritual aura? Find out here

RED SPIRITUAL AURA: This people are passionate in everything they do, with a high attraction towards adventure and good challenges. They are very direct in saying things, being very sincere with everybody, although sometimes their words hurt. They like to be leaders and lead, they feel comfortable giving orders, they do not like passivity.

Spiritual Aura Orange

Very emotional and sensitive people, they feel a lot of empathy towards others always. They have a big heart and do not like injustices. Often, these people work on something for the good of others, such as hospitals or social work. They always have a smile in their mouths, they like to have fun and to be nice, but when they have to be serious, they are. Sometimes they have low self-esteem and are sad, but most of the time they are in a good mood.

Yellow Aura

They are very intelligent people. They need to be involved with equally intelligent people because they get bored of average people. They are attracted by books, movies, art in general. They are very thoughtful people and this makes them somewhat insecure. They think a lot about any issue and sometimes they have some misunderstanding.

They recover quickly from failures and disappointments and try to do better the next time. They have good values and principles and do not like abuses toward the weak people. To see the next AURAS click on “next card”