What colour is your spiritual aura? Find out here

Green Aura

People with green aura are reflective and calm. They maintain total calm in difficult and unforeseen situations, they are usually good advisers when others have problems. They are optimistic people who spread their joy to others, people like to be with them.

They do not give up easily and try to finish everything they start. Its weak point is precisely that, their pride, to carry to the end any challenge that is imposed even if it ends up not being very necessary.

Blue Aura

Very communicating people, like to talk a lot and tell stories, be the center of attention. They have an enviable imagination, have great creativity and talent. Usually they are almost always relaxed and serene, their weak point is the melancholy and to think that the past of their life was always better.

They like or would like to dedicate themselves to some artistic work, whether as an actor, musician, draftsman, etc.

Their weakness is that they do not support loneliness, they need to be surrounded by people. They have an open mind which encourages them to constantly seek new experiences.