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Rune 1 – Three runes spread-

You will have to be firm with a decision that will cost you to take. You are a person who has trouble saying no to other people, and sometimes you end up making decisions by pressure from someone who presses you to make decisions that you don’t want.

Brave yourself and make your own decisions, you will see that this person does not bother as much as you thought.

A person in your environment with whom you do not have a good relationship, something bad will happen to him/her. This will comfort you, do not feel bad, he/she deserves it and will receive a lesson. As a result of this event, that person will become more humble.

Runes reading 2

You’re going to get some loving proposition, and maybe will come from different people. You will not be interested in that, and you should show firmness to reject the proposition because they will be persistent. Don’t worry, love will come but not in the short run. You’ll find true love later.

In terms of economy, you can pay with tranquility your bills and expenses, but you may not be able to make that trip yet or buy you that whim that you wanted so much. Later on maybe you can, don’t rush and act cautiously. Everything will come.

Results of the Three runes spread

Runes reading 3

Sometimes the changes you take won´t be good. You may want to make some change because you think it will improve the life. It could be a change of friendship, couple, of work. You could be wrong of this. Rethink it well if you will be benefit from that change before you do it; or leave behind part of your life.

Watch your emotions. You have an ambition too big that could cause you to lose money doing some kind of procedure or bad business with someone, or some kind of investment, because you may think it will report you good money. You could be deceived; or that business might not be profitable. Also, you should control your expenses because you may be doing a lot of splurges. The tarot card indicates some negative change of your economy by exaggerated ambition and wastefulness.

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