✅ Oracle of Viking runes

Viking runes are a way of divination even more powerful than tarot cards. In this runes reading that you will find below, Each symbol carved in the rune is a message that will have a direct connection with your life, and sometimes indirectly.

These viking runes are composed of a set of 21 Runes carved

You´ll have to associate your message with your life, since sometimes it tells us a metaphor that represents some event of your life. We recommend the use of this oracle for positive purposes, since it is a very powerful tool and want to use it to make someone wrong knowing their future, is not part of our ethics.


We recommend absolute concentration when you choose your rune, it is important that you are focused at all times and let your intuition guide you. Choose 2 runes below.

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The origin of these carved stones goes back even before the Romans. The Nordic peoples created this means of esotericism, peoples of Norway or Sweden. They also used them as talismans and lucky charms in wars, or as a means of communication with their Gods like Odin.

And the language of their symbols is Germanic. Due to its incredible capacity to predict the future, the viking runes were used throughout history by all kinds of people, including kings and governors.

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