Choose your FAVORITE tarot deck

If you are someone new in the world of clairvoyance and tarot and you want to receive a Psychic reading but you do not know which deck to choose, here we will recommend which deck to choose according to your needs so that you can orient yourself in your life and predict your future.

Which tarot should I choose?

Rider Tarot

Major arcana

This deck is without a doubt one of the most important in the history of cards, especially for initiates. It is not as old as others but it is considered practically the most effective for major topics in your life but without delving into others.

It was created in 1910 and its card illustrations are practically the most famous in the world.

Spanish tarot

The Spanish tarot focuses more on solving problems and offering solutions than predicting the future, although it also does so, but it is not their priority.

It was created back in the 1500s, but the definitive illustrations were in the 1800s created by Fournier. It became so popular thanks to its amazing drawings that it is still used all over the world

Tarot of the Angels

This tarot of angels focuses on receiving angelic messages to solve possible problems that may arise now or in the future. Also is useful to know how to interpret its signals, in case you are receiving some but you do not perceive it.

The cards are made up of angels, archangels and cherubs that will help you in your life.

If you want to receive more predictions and oracles, below choose more tarots for your purposes in life.

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