Ask the Wicca oracle anything you want

Ask the Wicca oracle anything you want about your life. It is necessary to say that the Wicca is not an old religion. Born in the decade of the 50 by Gerald Gardner that this same one came to call erroneously “The Old Religion” (but in fact it is not); Is considered a Neopagan religion in which many misunderstand and often call it witchcraft.

They have religious services called Esbats and Sabbats, celebrations dedicated to the great spirit, where they celebrate the seasons of the year, the phases of the moon and the sun, nature and creation.

This reading respond to your queries concerning the areas of work, love or whatever. The interpretation of the tarot cards drawn will tell you of the movements in your life.

Wicca oracle

They follow laws and regulations to be in harmony with the universe. The fundamental law of Wicca is: “without damaging anything or anyone; do what your heart desires.” Nature is something that venerates and cares for it is God’s creation.

As Christianity uses the cross or the Jewish Star of David in Wicca the sacred symbol is the Pentacle, which has nothing to do with Satanism, and it has nothing to do with the Christian devil or any other devil or Demon or negative entity of any other religion; neither with Satanism nor with anything tenebrous, only live for good.

All rituals and ceremonies are based on the ancient pagan religions of the Indo-European peoples like the Celts; and take different positive contributions only from good religions. It is a religion for any race, age, country, religion, is not dogmatic is individualistic.

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